Introduction: Huichol Bead Weaving Art Technique

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They are ready to learn this artisanal and beautiful technique from the Huichol of Mexico, and it is an easy, but laborious technique, once you have mastered this technique you can do anything you want, necklaces, rings, lining notebooks, bottles, purses, etc.

And ready to start!

Step 1: You Ned a Few Things

We will prepare our material we need chaquira of colors
embroidery ring , a frame, a shoe box, prepare your fabric loom
Fine Needle
Fine brush

Step 2: Make Your Work Space

Now to prepare the loom, tie the thread on the bottom of the hoop, and start circling around the necessary thread separates your design this design has 44 chaquiras wide so I’ll put 44 threads,
And at the end knot the new try to make them well stretched, you can help yourself from a fine brush to separate them and not get tangled, now if you are ready to start

Step 3: Let's Start This Work

Now to work first knot a long thread with a fine Needle on the first strip of your fabric, now with your pattern follow the beads for example I will start from bottom to top, from left to right
Now put all the chaquiras of the pattern of the Line from below and go down the threads as in the image, and center the chaquiras between each of the threads now pass the thread with the Needle to the center of the whole line of chaquiras as show in the image, and back too,
if your thread finish just make a strip like begining and start againthe process
And so it goes on until all the rows are finished and little by little will appear the image that you are replicating this time I made a skull but it can be any image, you just mark the pictures and that’s it!

Step 4: Finished Touch

When you finish cutting the threads up and down leaving space in the threads, we will knot each thread so that our fabric no longer moves, as I show in the image, knots them. Threads of two in two so that the fabric is closed and ready you can use it for many things just let your imagination fly!

It’s, not hard, it’s just a bit laborious, you have some doubt write me with pleasure I solve it
Make it! And show me your work!!
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