Introduction: Weaving a Pom Pom Mat

My mother taught me to weave on a frame. I tried a 12 " x 12 " size Pom Pom mat which you can see in the pictures above.

Please go through the steps to see how to weave this mat on frame

Step 1: Materials

  • One bundle of Sea green color yarn
  • One bundle of Peach colored yarn
  • A weaving frame for 12 " x 12" size mat

Step 2: Start Warping Sea Green Yarn

The frame has nails at half an inch distance between them. I will weave the mat with one inch distance in between. So I will leave one nail at center without yarn

  • Start with sea green colored yarn
  • Tie yarn at corner nail and thread over the first nail
  • Take it to the other side, turn over first and through 5th nail and bring it back
  • Warp 5 layers like this leaving 3 nails in between on both sides

Step 3: Warp Peach Colored Yarn

  • Tie one end of peach colored yarn at the corner nail
  • Start warping the yarn through the center nail between sea green yarn
  • Continue on both sides and warp six layers

Both the sea green and peach colored layers above are base layers

Step 4: Warp More Layers

Now warp additional layers as below

  • 3 layers of sea green
  • 3 layers of Peach
  • 3 layers of sea green
  • 3 layers of peach (Final layer)

Step 5: Make Knots

  • Take sea green yarn in a plastic needle and start from one end and make cross knots as below
  • Keep tied end of yarn in your hand and Insert the needle on top right square and bring it up through bottom left
  • Twist the yarn in your hand and bring the needle through the twist
  • Tightening the twist will make one knot
  • Repeat by inserting needle through bottom right and bring it up through top left
  • Twist yarn in hand and bring needle through the twist
  • Tighten the yarn and make the second knot.Now a cross knot is formed the junction
  • Continue and make cross knots at all junction points

The last two pictures show the front and back of the knotted mat in the frame

Step 6: Cut and Make Pom Poms

We need to cut all yarn layers above the base layer at middle of junction points

  • using a pair of scissors cut all top layers at the center point
  • Make sure you are not cutting any yarn in the base layer. You can also use the needle to lift the top layers by inserting it between them

Step 7: Remove Mat From Frame

  • Using scissors, cut yarn over the frame between the nails and remove mat from frame

Step 8: Trim Edges and Finish

  • Trim extra yarn at edges uniformly and finish

You can see the completed Pom Pom mat in the last picture

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