Introduction: Web Cam Tower

About: I am an engineer and a maker who loves technology challenges.

During my education I had to make project with MSP430 microcontroller. I decided to build camera tower.

For main board I used MSP430 LaunchPad with MSP430G2553 microcontroller. LaunchPad have option for external power supply (3.3 V). The power supply is build with 7805 and LM1117. Because servos didn’t work at 3.3 V when I test them, I use 5 V for servos. Servos did not turn while testing so I had to put in level shifter. A while ago I made board with SN74LVC4245a so I used it in this project for level shifting. I used mini joystick and potentiometer for controlling position and servos speed.

Turret is build out of acrylic glass. It is screwed together. Every part, that wasn’t tight fitted to structure, was glued in with hot glue.

Web cam is VGA quality.

Program is very basic. I had plans to control servos using Timer A, but I run out of time. Program is made with IAR Embedded Workbench. You can get your code limited free version on IAR’s site. To program your microcontroller, you will need to set right device (MSP$#=G2553 in this case), debugger to FET Debugger and Optimizations in Compiler to Medium or High (Size). Also you need to set Library Configuration to CLIB.