Introduction: Webbing Wallet

Use climbing / slacklining webbing to sew yourself a new wallet!

Step 1: Materials

Here is what you need:


(I had and used kevlar thread, available at for $0.50 a spool)

~40 inches of 1" thick webbing (any color combination you want!)

Webbing is about 36 cents per foot. I got mine at REI, and some from an old slackline.

sewing needle
(optional) pins to hold it together as you go
Cash! to stuff in your new wallet!!!

Step 2: Outer Layer

I like my wallet to be a little longer than most so that it can fit checks or other miscellaneous stuff I shove in them. This is why its a bit longer than most. To not make yours like this, just reduce the length by about an inch for this step.

I used about 9 inches of webbing of 4 different colors and sewed them to each other, using pins to keep it straight the entire time.

First, pin the webbings together to align them to your old unsatisfactory wallet :)
I stacked each row to give it a texture that I kind of liked...
Next, sew down the line to keep the webbing together.
At the end, you should be able to fold your wallet, throw it up in the air, and, if your lucky, catch it. Without it falling apart!

Step 3: Inside Layer

Now, decide which side you want to be up, and which side you want to be down. Also, decide which side is inside and which is outside.
Green is my lower layer. Red is my top of the inner layer, yellow is top for outer layer.

cut more webbing, just as you did in the last step. I used one less piece because if you are efficient you can get each row to line up and take up more width.

Line up the webbing rows again on the inside of the outer layer. Then, pin them together and sew them together!

Make sure to only sew your bottom layer's (green for me) outer edge to the outer layer. (don't sew the top, red, layer's edge!)

Finally, sew the very sides together! (the short sides)

Step 4: Card Pocket

Now lets add on a small pocket for credit cards, gift cards, etc.

Cut 3 more strands about 4 inches long. (I ran out for my last strap, so it is only 2 inches long on the bottom row)

figure out how much you want the card to stick out, you can use an actual card to help you here. and then pin it in place and sew it on! Sew the inside tuck area first, this is the 1" of webbing you can see (in red) on the first picture below. Then sew along the outside of the top row first. Next sew together each row of webbing (only to each other!). Then sew the bottom webbing row's outside edge to the wallet to finish the pocket!

You could also add one to the other side if you wanted for maybe personal ID, etc...

Step 5: Finished!

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