Introduction: Website Block Button(TfCD)(Mac)

This device lets you block websites for a certain amount of time. In this Instructable we show you how we made this. We made this for the TU delft TfCD project.

Step 1: Arduino Micro Code

Download the provided Arduino code

Make sure to read all the comments in the code

Change the code with the website(s) you want to disable

Change the variables “password” to your own password

Step 2: Breadboard

Build the breadboard prototype as show in the image.

Upload the code to the Arduino to test

Step 3: STL File Download

Download the stl files provided

Step 4: Print

Print the models using <.25mm layer height and 0.8mm wall thickness. Do not use a thicker nozzle than .4mm.

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble all the parts and solder the different wires.