Introduction: Website Visitors Notification With IFTTT

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In this instructable, you will get an Android notification when someone visits your for this You needs to have a Little bit knowledge of PHP programming language and Basic knowledge of Simple C Language to know how this IFTTT App works ( IF THIS THEN THAT )

Step 1: IFTTT Maker (Webhook) Channel Enabling

Firstly you need to get the Android App of IFTTT from the Play store IFTTT Android App then by logging into it you need to Enable the Webhooks by connecting the Webhook service as below Screenshot is shown.

After connecting to webhook service go to Settings > URL

Copy That URL and Paste into your URL Bar of Browser then you will go to your webhooks channel setting in that page you have to create an event name create an event name that is Event_Name by editing in {Event} Spacebar after that Copy this URL into your Notepad...

Like This....

Step 2: Create an PHP Page Which Triggers That Event

Create a PHP Page by simply integrating the Copied URL into your PHP Page


$ifttturl = file('');

And Save this file as filename.php


Step 3: Create an IF Condition

In This condition, we will write first if Condition that is to make the Web request to the Webhooks Channel by Simply Creating an IF Condition Go to My Applets > New Applet > Click on If + Icon > Search for Webhooks > Click on "Receive a web request" > Enter the Event name .

Event name should be same as entered first in 2nd Stape

Then Click on Create Trigger

Step 4: 1st THEN Condition ( Android Notification )

After creating the If Condition you will come to the Another page of That Button + Click on the Plus Symbol of that button and Search for Notification After that connecting notification channel you will you need to choose the action

Enter the Custom message for your convenience Message in Notification Tray as well as you can add the Ingredients like Event Time Occurs...

The message that you have typed in the box, same Notification message you will get after someone visits to your website

After Creating this Action Finish This Applet

Step 5: Edit You Index.html File of Your Website

Lastly, Add the file ifttt.php file path in the main index.html file of your website as shown in Image of like adding the path of your

<?  php

Step 6: Now Upload This All Newly Created Php File

Now Upload this newly added triggering php files like ifttt.php or edited index.php file to your hosting provider. and now visit your website you will get an immediate notification like this....