Introduction: Wedding Bands Box

Wedding is a good opportunity to use your creativity and be a little bit original :) This is a wooden wedding band box, made out of the simplest materials, and very easy to do.

It can be painted or decorated differently, it's really up to you.

Step 1: Collect the Supplies

1. Popsicle Sticks - A pack of 100 should be fine.

2. Yarn - I have used yarn for decorating the outter side, it's really up to you the way you want to to look eventually.

Step 2: Building the Box

First, we need to the create the bottom part of the box. I have taken 11 sticks and glued them side-by-side. In case you want to use a different number, that's fine, as long as you keep the number of sticks odd (it'll be helpful when we add the barrier).

After glueing the bottom part, we can easily add the sides, when in each step we glue two opposite sides. Let's add only 1 stick on each side, as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Adding the Barrier

Barrier is used in the same way as we added the sides, but now we also need to make sure we add the barrier with the two sides that are parallel to it. Keep on glueing them and make sure it's tight and straight.

Total height is up to you, I have chosen to use height of 5 sticks on each side.

Step 4: The Cover

The cover is very similar to the bottom of the box. Glue 11 sticks side-by-side and you can make it stronger by glueing two more stick on the back of it.

Step 5: Now - Titles!

Now we cut couple of papers to the size of each cell inside the box. We can use pictures, titles, names, paintings, or whatever you feel like :)

Step 6: Decorations

Outter decoratios are important, this is what eventually will be seen. I have chosen to use yarn and glue it to the bx in a shape of a hanged heart.

Step 7: The Result

Using anything to pad the inside. Feel free to be creative, use the nature, and most important - make it unforgettable :)

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