Introduction: Wedding Booth

Instead of paying $600+ for a 3 hour photo booth at our wedding we decided to build our own. The enclosure is made out of pvc and bed sheets and takes no time at all to assemble. This was great for us as it was simple, light and easy to move. We did build a light stand and mount for an iPad, but I would suggest buying a simple tripod with a light.

Step 1: Purchase Components and Cut PVC

Order sheets and background

Buy PVC from local hardware store. Use SCH40 as the thinner PVC likes to bend more easily on the longer stretches and doesn't retain in the fittings as well.

11-1" PVC Pipes 120" SCH40 ~ $40

11-1" PVC Cross ~ $15 1

8-1" PVC Tee ~ $22

4 - King fitted sheets ~ $50

1 - Queen fitted sheet ~ $12

1 - Twin XL sheet ~ $12

1 - Shower Rings ~$6

1 - Back Drop 10'x6.5' ~ $60

Total: $220

King Sheets:

Queen Sheet:

Twin XL Sheet:


Step 2: Cut PVC to Length

36" Qty:4

2" Qty:11

4.375" Qty:1

42" Qty:2

22" Qty:4

71.875" Qty:8

68.5" Qty:3

28.5" Qty:1

12.625" Qty:4

Step 3: Assemble Lower Section

A rubber mallet or dead blow will greatly improve the speed of which you can assemble the joints.

Step 4: Assemble Next Section and Add to Previous

Step 5: Add Uprights to Base Assembly

Step 6: Add Top Connectors

Step 7: Add Cross Bars

Step 8: Install Sheets

-Put the queen sheet on first. It goes on the "short" wall.

-Put the king sheet sides on next. Work your way around the structure, starting with the queen side wall first.

-Install the doorway curtain by laying the twin sheet over the doorway pipe. Then push the shower rings thru the sheet and around the doorway pipe.

-Lastly install the king sheet on top.

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