Wedding Invitation Postcard

Introduction: Wedding Invitation Postcard

Weddings aren't spectacular if no one shows up, so why not make something that's a great way to communicate what your special day! ♡

Here is a wedding invitation post card created in a Desktop Publishing and Design class using Adobe! I used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. With these three, you can use your creativity to create something amazing!!!!!

These programs range from 14-19 dollars per month, BUT, if you are a student or teacher, and provide valid proof, you can get a bundle with 60% off. Cool, right?

Though you might have these programs at your disposal, how does one use them? There are awesome tutorials on Youtube with the simple search of "how to use _____ for beginners". Common knowledge of all three programs can create awesome, simple designs: like this post card!

Step 1: Sample Examples of Postcards

Here are some sample post cards that were designed, and they look beautiful!

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    The more wedding stuff that you can do yourself, the better. It is just so much more personal than buying something from a store.