Introduction: Wedding Mercury Glass Jars

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My daughter's vintage farm wedding at twilight required cheap, quick lighting for all the pastures, meadows, and woods. To keep the whimsical but ethereal feeling we scurried to make mercury glass canning jar lanterns. Who knew saving canning jars for a million years would come in handy?!?
This was a fun and surprisingly easy project  (we made 200 in a few days) with the added element of danger-transforming every glass object you own into mercurial glass.
Trust. Me.
The first step is the most difficult-finding the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. Oh sure. It's in craft and hobby stores, however if you are like me you will be looking for the large spray paint can. Had I known it was a delicate smaller can I would have been finished a day earlier. Thus I have given you a can shot for scale.