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Introduction: Wedding Photo Box Gift

A photo captures a moment in time and what moment in time is more special than a wedding. Give the gift of love and capture a moment in a perfect occasion, Wedding Photo Box. Customisation is where you have to be for the very special gifts today, what more special can be a gift be than one you have made for a loved friend or family member that you your self have personalised. This is where my Wedding Gift box came from, the need to make my special friend her wedding day keep sake.

Time to make your own.

Step 1: Create a Perfect Size Box Using an Easy on Line Editor

I really like using for my wooden laser cut boxes, highly configurable and very easy to use.

W: 300

H 100

D 150

Step 2: Choose Your Fonts for Your Wedding Photo Box

I started by finding a lovely font to be cut in my photo box. I knew I wanted something nice but it would also have to be a stencil cut so it was readable and easy to make. I normally use dafont,com, great fonts for free (usually).

I chose Hand printing and 5th Avenue to download and install.

Step 3: Import Box Template and Start Editing Text

The image you download is ready to import straight into your laser software. I imported my box and added some stencil text to the top surface. You can choose what you want to have as text.

Step 4: Lasercut Your Box

Once you have your lasercut files ready, send them to your laser. I can not recommend a Makerspace more for accessing a cheap and usually very high quality set of equipment and friendly makers to support you.

Choose the cutting parameters for your material and cut away. Remember to watch your cut in case of a fire.

Step 5: Cut Box and Prepare to Give As a Wedding Gift That Will Last Forever

So there I have my completed box, all customised and ready to deliver to the happy couple. I left my box without a finish but there are many finishes that could be used. The gift was very well received and they did end up using the photo box as intended.

Very sweet.

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