Book It! Save-The-Date Bookmarks

Introduction: Book It! Save-The-Date Bookmarks

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Simple and to the point wedding Save-the-Date bookmarks.

Step 1: Layout the Design

I tried several layouts before settling on the final bookmark.

Think about the main information you want to communicate. In this case:

- Date
- Names
- Place

We also had additional information we wanted to include, so we added the secondary information at the bottom.

I used Adobe Illustrator to design this bookmark. Once I had the general design, I optimized to fit the most bookmarks per page. Since there are no margins, I didn't print cut lines.

Step 2: Print and Cut

These bookmarks were printed on 80lb paper with a laser jet printer and sized them to print 8 per page.

Find the paper on Amazon here.

Once the pages were printed, I cut the bookmarks on a paper cutter to keep the lines straight and sharp. If you don't own one, I have seen them in libraries and in the lobbies of several printing places in the public area.

We received several compliments with these bookmarks. Simple, quick, and to-the-point.

Step 3:

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