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Introduction: Wedding Themed Popup Card

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Another wedding DIY for this closing wedding season. I whipped this up in less than half an hour the day of the wedding for an old friend who married his best friend last weekend! Such a quick and easy craft but will definitely impress the recipient.

Step 1: Materials

You'll be needing the following materials to creating this stunning card:

Step 2: Card Base

Begin with your card base (5x10-1/8") score at 5 and 5-1/8". Glue your card mats (4-3/4x4-3/4") onto the front and back of the card base. Glue mats onto the inside of the card base as well if you like.

Assemble the curtain piece by glueing the curtain overlay on the curtains and the bows into the centre of the overlay. Fold along the score lines and add glue to the tab to glue the curtain down.

Step 3: Folding Along the Score

Fold on the score lines of the stage piece and add glue to the tab and glue the stage into place.

Step 4: Glueing the Stage

Glue the curtain piece to the stage piece. Add glue to the bottom section of the curtain and glue it to the stage as shown in the glue guide.

Step 5: The Groom and Bride

Fold the bride and groom pop up at the score lines and add glue to the tab. Fold the bride and groom back onto the tabs. Use wet glue here to glue the bride and groom to the curtain and stage.

Step 6: Putting It Together

Glue the stage to the inside of the card base before applying glue to the back of the curtain piece and glueing that into place.

Step 7: Video Tutorial

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