Introduction: Weebo (Concept)


Human has been grind between work, stress and time. It is impossible to keep numerous remainder tags in so called “smartphone” , remember to put on/off switches and so on even the basic daily routine has become a burden , what man wants is an escape window from this hectic and infinitely looped schedule. Our Friend Weebo is this window. Inspired from the epic movie Flubber, we have gave rebirth to Weebo, it is like a phoenix with increased vitality.

Step 1: Rebirth to Weebo

Weebo has come with great improvisation, here are the following

Weebo is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled to facilitate effective communication. It comes with GPS to track its location. It is equipped with an array of sensors, to sense the environment (temperature, humidity, etc.). Inertia Sensor (accelerometer, Gyrometer, Magnetometer) for stable motion. Ultrasonic, IR sensors along with camera to detect obstacle and find the suitable route, making Weebo to move just like human. Weebo is not something mechanical, it’s a social bot. It can recognize people from their speech, facial features, It is not limited to tagging people in photos but also can read emotions, respond to people. (Eg: Good Morning, John). It features include from turning on lights to managing social calendars , reading bedtime stories to controlling light and music at parties. Travelling outside can become hassles as it would provide the best traffic route. (Eg: “Weebo, remind me to go to MG Road at 4:30, “it would process the traffic information and chose the best path and time to start).

It keeps you update with social networking notification and mails. It’s keep a record of previous activities like the flavour of ice – cream you last ate, your favourite TV show timings.

One can telecommunicate (video chat) with friend through Weebo.

Step 2: Hardware Details :