Introduction: Weed Picking Arm Mounts

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Nellie, the Weed Picking Robot is being redesigned with a heavy duty base from . To attach a strong weed picking arm, I used a linear actuator from . The gripper at the end of the arm comes from Jameco .

This instructable shows how I attached the gripper to the arm and the arm to the robot base. I had to design and print a few attachment pieces as detailed in the following steps.

Step 1:

First, I took aluminum channel, then drilled holes and mounted the end support (purchased from Firgelli) for the linear actuator.

Step 2:

Next, I printed the holder (to keep the actuator from wandering left/right/up/down) and mounted it to the robot base with bolts.

Step 3:

When this was accomplished, I printed the pieces that connect the actuator to the gripper.

The tall holder should be printed at 100% fill, since the servo gripper will be fastened into the holder with small screws.

Step 4:

I fastened the servo gripper to the connector with small screws. I pushed the gripper assembly onto the actuator and secured it with the plastic pin.

Step 5:

The arm is now ready for electronics and intelligence--that will come another day.

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