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Introduction: Weed Wacker Saw

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I decided to make a pruning saw out of a discarded Weed Wacker (String Line Trimmer) the battery would no longer hold a sufficient charge for use and a replacement battery costs almost as much as new Trimmer.

Step 1: Parts Required

A discarded / non working Weed Wacker/String Line Trimmer.

A replacement pruning saw blade.

Two 1/4" 1.5 inch long bolts with 2 lock washers and 4 flat washers.

A piece of flexible plastic conduit long enough to cover blade. I had some of the orange coloured conduit salvaged from a fibre optic installation.

Philips screwdriver and 7/16" wrenches, hacksaw and bench vice.

Step 2: Disassembly

I didn't get any disassembly pictures, my camera battery needed recharging.

Removed battery.

Took out all the Philips head screws and removed string head.

Took handle and switch apart.

Removed switch, cable and motor.

Step 3: Assembly

Screwed handle parts back together.

Using a hack saw cut two slots in the end of the tube where the string spool / motor used to be.

I attached the saw with the bolts.

I cut the conduit length wise so that it would cover the blade when not in use and for storage.

Step 4: Use


This has a very sharp blade and could cut children or careless adults. So don't leave it lying around for anybody to pick up.

It is NOT a toy, it's a cutting tool and requires respect by the user to the environment around them.

I think it was a good reuse of an object that would have probably ended up in the landfill.

I saved the switch, battery, charger, motor and internal cable for future use.

A note about the plastic conduit, I have use it on all my saws as blade guards, I particularly like it on my Buck / Swede saws as it completely encompasses the blade and protects you and your belongings from its sharp teeth.

The plastic conduit is usually made in Gray coloured plastic.

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