Introduction: Week 7: Object Scanning and Reconstruction

This week's assignment was to scan and print an existing object.

Step 1: Cleanup

I have chosen to use the pre-scanned object shell1 in the folder shared by Professor Jacobs. To clean up the scan, I first imported mesh to MeshLab. Then I followed the MeshLab tutorial for cleaning: (Triangle and Vertices removal, Basic filters)

Step 2: Repair

After importing the cleaned mesh from MeshLab into Meshmixer. Then using 'Inspector' in Analysis tab, I've repaired the mesh. I found some part of the mesh not possible to fix, so have used 'Make Solid' to make it printable:

Due to reduced mesh, the final result is not as sophisticated as the original mesh. Increasing the number of elements will help me get the better result.

Step 3: Print the Result

It took 2-3 hours to print the final result. (I had some accidents/failures in the middle which made the process longer.)