Introduction: Weekend Cookies

Today i am going to shere with you my weeked choclat cookies which i enjoy it with my familly,delishes simple and crespy mmmmm and all you need to make shuch a nice one as i did are the following ingredients

Step 1: Ingredients

125g of multed butter
125 ml oil
220g brown suger
8 g baking powder
2 table of any type of choclat

Step 2: Adding Th Liquid Ingredients

In a bowel we put th brown suger and we add the multed hot butter we mixed together then we add oil , th egges and we mix all again till we have a creamy texture

Step 3: Dry Ingridients

This time we edd vanilla,some salt, then we put a cup of flour and the paking powder and we mix all with a spatula ..then we continue to add flour till we have no stiky dough with the spatula..this is how we know when to stop adding flour
The next step is to add the choclat and hear we are done

Step 4: Forming Cookies

We take the dough and we form the cookies as in the picture and we put it in the fridge for about one hour
The we preheated the oven befor we cook th cookies

Step 5: Final Step

Hear we are guys ...after cooking ...nice cookies which i intend to take it with me to work and shere with some friends....hope u looooooove it and please vote for me ....thanke u

Step 6: Note

To have the crespy texture of th cookies just let it in the oven after turning the heat down

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