Weekly Meal Prep

Introduction: Weekly Meal Prep

In a busy household of 5 we have to plan our meals or we plan to fail. Everyone joins in so the task is not as daunting. We make a meal plan, shop, and prep together as a family.

Step 1: Make a Meal Plan

Scroll through your local circulars and see what's on sale. That is a great basis for a meal plan. Next get some recipes together. If you choose meals that use similar ingredients it cuts down on prep time.

Step 2: Make a Shopping List

Make a shopping list of items you need. We break down the list into store sections and each family member is assigned a section to cut down on shopping time.

Step 3: Lay Out Your Items

The boys usually prep their lunches for the week. All the lunch containers are laid out and all items necessary for lunch are laid out as well. Assembly line time.

Step 4: Cutting and Cooking.

Meanwhile, adults do all the chopping of fruits/veggies and cooking of the proteins.

Step 5: Store

After all lunches are packed, all veggies and fruits are chopped, and all proteins are cooked; It is time to cool and store.

Step 6: Relax

Relax, major meal prep is done for the week. You can even zone into some Harry Potter movies if you wish!

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    6 years ago

    did you have any issues with the food not lasting for the week?


    7 years ago

    Such useful tips to help the week run smoothly! Thanks for posting!