Introduction: Weight Sled


  1. 2" PVC Pipe (10') x1
  2. 2" PVC 45 Degree Elbow x2
  3. 2" PVC 90 Degree Elbow x4
  4. 2" PVC T x2
  5. 2" PVC T x22" to 1" PVC T x1 (the 1" hole is where the weight plates will go; I couldn't find the link. Just go to store and you'll see it)
  6. 1" PVC Pipe (3') x 1 (I couldn't find the link. Just go to store and you'll see it)
  7. PVC Glue/Cement
  8. Rope or Strap of some sort for pulling (I already had this laying around)


  • Saw - to cut the PVC pipe
  • Mallet - helps to make sure that the connectors and pipes go in as far as they should

Step 1: Prepare Your Cuts

We need to make the sled big enough to carry a olympic size weight plate which are just under 17 3/4 inches in diameter

Part A - 5" x2

Part B - 4" x2

Part C - 3" x2

Part D - 11" x2

Part E - 3" x2

Step 2: Connecting the Pieces

Dry Connect First

We will make sure the cuts and pieces connect properly before gluing them together.

  1. Connect the left and right side pieces first
  2. Connect the crossbars to the left side (top and bottom crossbar "D" and the middle crossbar "E")
  3. Connect the right side to the crossbars

Once you confirmed that the pieces fit properly together continue to the glue section.


*You must act fast once the glue/cement is on. The adhesive clings on right away and you won't wave much wiggle room as soon as 2 pieces connect with glue on it.

  1. Just like the "dry" run, do the left side and right side first
    1. Connect A & B to the T
    2. Connect the 90 elbow to B
    3. Connect the 45 elbow to A
    4. Connect the 90 elbow to C
    5. Connect the C to the 45 elbow
  2. Connect crossbars to left side
    1. Connect bottom D to bottom left 90 elbow
    2. Connect first E to middle left T
    3. Connect first E to T (2" to 1" reducer)
    4. Connect second E to T (2" to 1" reducer)
    5. Connect top D to top left 90 elbow
  3. Connect right side to the crossbars
    1. apply the adhesive to bottom right 90, middle T, and top right 90
    2. connect all 3 crossbars to right side simultaneously (act fast and accurate

Let it dry for a couple of hours.

Step 3: Attach Rope/Strap

Like I mentioned above, I was using Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps, Orange, Model L74995CN which already has some loops with padding. I was able to tie both of them to the sled and I used the other end to hold.

Happy sledding!