Introduction: Weighted Beach Towel Mod

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This easy beach towel mod adds a small pocket to each corner of a beach towel. These pockets can then be filled with sand to prevent your towel from being blown away on a windy day at the beach. It was designed for use at northern Californian beaches where you are more like to encounter patches of fog and strong gusts than sunshine and palm trees. While the wind may blow away just about everything else you brought (umbrellas, beach balls, small children), at least you know that your towel will stay put.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

(x1) Beach towel
(x1) 17" x 14" wash cloth (approximately)
(x1) Misc. thread

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Step 2: Mark the Towel

Draw a line down the center of the towel bisecting into two equal halves.

Next, draw a second line perpendicular to the first line, dividing the towel into four equal sections.

Step 3: Cut the Towel

Cut along the markings on the towel to make four equally sized squares.

Step 4: Glue and Fold

Apply a thin bead of glue along the cut edges of one of the squares. Fold the edges over onto themselves and then press them firmly down.

Repeat this process for the remaining square.

Wait a few minutes for it to dry.

Step 5: Pin the Squares

Flip the towel over and pin a square to each corner of the towel.

Step 6: Sew the Squares

Using a straight stitch, sew along the outside edge where one of the squares meets the towel. Continue sewing along one of the inside edges to create a 'U' shaped pocket.

The specific edge is not remarkably important. Just don't sew the pocket shut by completing all four edges.

Repeat this process for the remaining three squares.

Step 7: Fill With Sand

Fill the squares with a few handfuls of sand to weight the towel down.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Never get blown away by the wind again.

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