Introduction: Welded Metal Chain Heart

If you have a wire-feed welder then this is a fun gravity defying project perfect for you. Also this craft really helps you practice your MIG or FCAW tack welding skills. Basically this project was a chain tack-welded to stick in a heart shape.


To make this chain heart you will need:

  • A FCAW or MIG welder.
  • At least 2 feet of steel chain. (if it is magnetic you can use it)
  • Silver spray paint

Step 1: Step 1: Lay Out

Pick up your chain by the ends. Then taking an end in each hand, lay it on the table so the middle of the chain is where the point of the heart will be. Roughly shape the chain into the shape of a heart. Start at the top of the heart and quickly tack weld the two last links together. All the welds in this project should be minimal, just enough to hold it together, its not like you're using this as a car jack.

Step 2: Step 2: Lots of Welds

Take your time to adjust the chains until you are satisfied with the shape. As soon as you are done adjusting, you can start welding. Start at the top of the heart and weld link by link. Each link should be connected to the next link by at least one small sturdy weld dot. I would recommend starting from the indent of the heart and moving down the chain to the left. Once you reach the bottom, odds are that the weld free half of the heart has been bumped and is moved out of position. Rearrange the loose links so that they are symmetrical to the already welded side in the shape you want. As soon as they are arranged perfectly you should start welding before they get bumped again. Once again start from the indent and work your way out, welding it together link by link. As you are going, if you notice any links out of place move them back before you weld them or you will be stuck with a twisted heart. Most of the time once you weld in the wrong spot it is irreversible, so be careful.

Note: when welding remember to wear all proper PPE.

Step 3: Optional Step 3: Spray Paint or Oil. the Finished Product.

Personally, I prefer the blackish color of metal so I just rubbed it with a little oil on a paper towel, but if you want you can spray paint it silver, gold, or any other color you want.

Once you have finished this project you can hang it on a wall, give it away, or weld it on to something else. Enjoy!

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