Introduction: Welded Bike Trailer

We was made this trailer this week, thanks for couple ideas from this site I plan to use him when I go on picnic with my family, to carry barbecue, picnic table, stool, etc. Thanks for couple ideas from this site... my inspiration for this was this and this one,  but it was more expensive option for me (too many PVC parts), and another advantage for me it's free welding... my dear friend Memet was weld all this for free for me.
Trailer it's made from two steel profiles (2x6m) 1,5x1,5cm. Clear cargo size is 95x65 cm and it's very lightweight. We was test him with app load of 75kg, and it's more then good. Wheels are from some small bike (front and back – 20”), second hand normally completely repaired. Hitch is madded from swivel caster wheel from hardware store with one additional metal plate welded additionally, and it's very simple but very strong (thanks to this) . We was decide to put metal net like cargo floor, because my friend was have couple pcs in back yard, and I think that is good solution even it's add little weight to trailer.
Any way, I'm very happy with results, my kid's too.

two wheels from old bike=3,12$
new tires, axial for wheel=14,5$
two metal profiles (12m) 1,5x1,5cm=11$
caster wheel=1,2$
bolt, small parts..=5,5$
metal net=free (regular price here approx. 5,5$)
welding= thanks Memet (regular price here approx, 15$)