Introduction: Welding Helmet Convert to Fresh Air PAPR

You see these helmets and you thought that's really cool and if I have one of these... But they are pricey so not everybody can buy one of these. But I try to help you :)


-some kind of welding helmet (I have an esab warrior tech but it's doesn't matter just some little adjustments and work with yours as well)

-some tubeing (I use IKEA coat hanger 12x23mm)

-flex tube


Step 1: Measure, Cut and Drill

Measure the inside of your helmet (around the lens) and cut down the material. Now on mine you can see I tip sideways a bit and its fit perfect. In mine helmet that angle is 57,3° . Figure out yours not that difficult.

Step 2: Weld or Glue the Pieces Together

Yes I know I know... those welds look ugly. Unfortunately I run out of argon and I have to weld with mig and that's the result. :I

Step 3: Adapter

So I have to make an adapter for it because I got an Adflo system so I want to use that. Thats some plastic I don't really know what plastic exactly but it's doesen't matter...

If you don't have a PAPR unit but you have a 3D printer or you have some friends and they have ask them to print out.

I start with thes option and when I print abaut 19 hours and I done whit it my friend came in and say -Hey, I have some extra adflo do you need ? Because I bring it for you if you want it.

Okay so waste of time on printing :D but you can print and works well as an original would.

I recomend thet one:

Step 4: Connect the Tube to Your Creation

Okay so now also some personal things because of the different tubes and helmet geometries.

I use an old car vacuume's tube. I cut an angle on it. The first angle lean up a bit so it help to guide the tube around my head. The second angle is lean sideway so it fit in there and provide more area there air can flow in to the part that I made.

Now it's fit and functional perfectly but how the hell I glue this ? :D

Okay I solved with some tape. :D

Step 5: Face Seal

Now you have to seal the mask so no fumes or anything can go in from outside. Just air in the breathing tube.

So if you can buy, thats the easyest and it's araund 10$.

If you can't buy you can make it from some fire resistant material not look like complicated. (I don't know the exact methode because I ordered mine)

Step 6: Final Touches

If you want it to paint it here is the time :)
Then put it together and enjoy the fresh air, have fun, burn a rod without tons of fume and other nasty stuff goes into your lungs.