Welding Table

Introduction: Welding Table

This is my Diy Welding table
38 inches long
20 inches Wide
29 inches tall.

Step 1: Materials

4 Pcs of Angle bracket 1"x1" by 35 " long
4 Pcs. 1"x1" 17 " long
4 pcs. Square Tubing 1"x1". 26" long.
4 pcs. 5mm by 10"x20" for the top
4 pcs 2"x2" by 5mm. For the bottom of the legs
4 Casters
And a PC of wood for the shelf

And paint.

Step 2: Tools

Welding Machine
Welding Helmet
Dust mask
Safety boots
Proper clothes
Cutting machine

Step 3: Weld the Frame

yes weld the frame . place the top of the table on the floor and weld the frame to it. then weld the legs to table

making sure that all is levelled and strait.

turn table rite side up. place the 2x2 on bottom of each leg weld it in place.

then turn table up side down and weld the casters to each leg.

and presto table its done….. now paint it and enjoy

now go and make something.

Step 4: Tool Holder

Made this box to hold small tools

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    6 years ago

    Is there a diferance for an ark welder?


    Reply 6 years ago

    ark welding same as Stick welding all welders kind of work the same the difference is the amperage. 100,130.150 etc.
    but for Home use a 120 or 140 is more than ok.... check you tube and seek welders..... that will give you a lot of info. cheers


    6 years ago

    I am a newbie at ark welding but I need a table and want to build it this will be my first welding