Introduction: Welding Vertical Down T Joint

Hi my name is Brandon Rodeberg have you ever seen a shitty weld well today I am going to teach you how to weld a perfect strong “T” joint going vertical down. A recent graduate from Lake Area Technical Institute for welding, I’m certified in all welding positions. I am good at what I do because I take my time and practice over and over to become the welder I am today. You will be taught the proper way to hold the welding gun and the techniques need to know to weld a perfect weld. Like proper volts and wire speed along with correct angle to have when welding along with travel speed. By the time we are done here you should have the proper skills and ability to weld a perfect weld without any deformities.

Step 1: Cutting Material

First, grab a sheet of metal and go to the shear and set the back stop to five and half inches. Next push the metal all way till it hits the back stop. Then press the button to cut. After that grab the pieces that where cut. Next set the back stop again to inch and half and then put it up to the back stop and cut 2 or however many need.

Step 2: Set Your Welder

Next, make sure to check the edges and clean off any sharp edges with a grinder. Next bring metal back to the booth. Then turn the welder on. This may take a couple a couple seconds. There is a big nob on the left side of the welder and there will also be red numbers right above it. Turn the nob until it says 320. Then look over to the right hand side of the welder and there will be another nob. Turn that one to 18.5. These steps set wire speed which is 320 and volts which are 18.5. Now, take the ground clamp and clamp it onto the post.

Step 3: Tack Up Pieces of Metal Together

After that, take two pieces of the cut metal and set one piece flat on the table. Next take another piece and lay it horizontal on piece laid flat on the table. It should look like an upside down T. Now with one hand holding the T joint so it doesn’t tip over, grab the weld gun and put a tack on each side of the T so it can hold itself vertical. A tack is a small weld that looks like a small dot. It’s meant to keep the piece of metal held together before the weld is actually put in. Then put the weld helmet on. This joint is welded by tacking the T joint on the post. Take the weld gun and rest it in the corner of the T joint. Next, position the gun at a downward angle. About 5 to 10 degrees is adequate. Then pull the trigger and drag the gun downward. Rest the tip of the gun right in the corner and pull down. Be careful not to drag too fast. When welding this joint, both sides of the weld should be visible as the welder is dragged along.

Step 4: Finished Product

Finally, the weld is done. Remove it from the post by using a grinder to cut the tacks off that was originally put on the post so it wouldn’t move. The top and bottom of the weld should look even and smooth. This concludes how to weld a vertical down T joint.

Step 5: Video