Introduction: Wemos Wifi Controlled Relays for Led, Motor and Mains Light

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Hi, this is my first 'instructable', well not really an instructable, more like here's something I made.

I hope there's enough info here, suggestions welcome as I've probably forgotten something :!

Step 1: Connecting the Motor and Lamp

The motor I used was a wind up torch, which is geared, the forward and back are using two of the relays. Selection of one relay makes it go one way, select same again and it stops....both relays do the same.

The GU10 lamp is connected through live straight to the plug, the neutral is used for the switching of on and off.

There is another board under the relay shield, which I also made, which just has some extra connections because shields generally cover the stuff you need later.

The 'app' I made was done in AppInventor which utilizes the html code sent from the WeMos in the Arduino sketch to talk to the Arduino Uno.

I've included the code for the WeMos board, which I wrote mostly.....and still badly, and you can find the visual studio C# code at my Github and there's the wemosrelays.apk to download for android, too.

My Github WeMosWebMenu in Visual C#

That's it for now.

Chanks.(Cheers and Thanks)

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