Introduction: Western Themed Logo Sign

A local business entrepreneurship center wanted a custom made logo sign that displayed their western heritage. I worked with the owner and came up with this design.

Step 1: Cutting the Metal Logo

The sheet metal logo is 18 gauge cold rolled steel and cut with a CNC water jet cutter. To get a western looking patina, the metal was put outside to oxide from rain and elements. After the patina of the metal became perfect, a clear coat of spray paint was used to capture the look and prevent rust from rubbing off.

Step 2: Build the Wooden Backboard

The wood backboard is composed of up cycled pallets. The pallets have a backing board behind them which is screwed into the pallets for strength.

Step 3: Mount the Metal Logo

In order to mount and offset the metal logo on the pallet backboard, bolts were welded to the back of the metal sign. Holes were drilled into the backboard and 1/2 inch long offset washers are used to create a raised look when bolted into the backboard. Nuts are used to fasten the male end of the bolt to the backboard.

Step 4: Title Plate

"Tech Ranch" is the name of the organization and that name was laser engraved into a piece of wood. Using a lighter wood offsets the title plate from the rust of the piece. The wood was screwed in from the backside. Many different combinations of wood and metal can be combined to create your desired look. I made
this at Tech Shop.