Wet Mobile Phone First Aid Kit



Introduction: Wet Mobile Phone First Aid Kit

How to make a vacuum jar in order to save a wet cellular phone by accelerating the drying process.

You will need a glass jar, a coffee maker rubber gasket, a CD or DVD (but not CD-R ,RW, etc.) and a wine saver vacuum hand pump (wine pump).

This is a low pressure dryer. The lower the pressure the more water evaporates. If you pump a lot you could also boil the water at room temperature.

You have to pump many times wait a few minutes and pump again since as long as the water evaporates the pressure in the jar will increase so you have to pump in order to lower the pressure again and extract humidity.

See this video about boiling at low pressure:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL4wUl1SGWM

Of course it is a good idea to put balls of silica gel, activated carbon  or dry rice (perhaps heated up in a microwave oven previously) in order to help with the humidity.

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