What Am I Hiding?

Introduction: What Am I Hiding?

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I have always been in awe of the secret door to the magical world of Narnia. Always imagined myself building such a thing to have my own secret getaway. With the advent of the hiding place competition, my urge to make such a hiding place came into action. Instead of hiding something small, I am going to hide an entire room using a cupboard with a secret door inside.

With the help of my cousins, I made the video to show how fun a DIY project can be.

Dive into it now to see how you too can make something like this on your own. If you do like it, do not forget to vote and share.

Lets get started without any further ado!

Step 1: Step 1: Identify and Obtain a Cupboard

Without identifying and obtaining a cupboard according to the size of the door you want to hide, no step ahead can be performed. So the first step requires you to obtain a cupboard of an appropriate size and shape from someplace. Also, see to it that the cupboard is big enough for you to pass through it. Bigger the better.

I found mine in the attic lying around since long. After cleaning it all up, I continued ahead to the next step.

Step 2: Step 2: Identify the Sides

Secondly, you have the identity which side of the cupboard you would have to cut open to act as a secret tool. It all depends on the shape and type of the cupboard you have to work with. For me, as shown in the picture was a complex task.

I finally decided to tear down the back part, attach a door to it and use it as the front while using the front part for the secret door.

Step 3: Step 3: Get It All Done

Now modify the cupboard so as to include a back door. I have tear down the back part and made a simple door to attach to it. Using hinges I connect the door. I use a candle to melt the wax onto the hinges since I did not had the nuts and bolts available (that is what I called as creativity).

Moving forward, I added a pipe for hanging the clothes which will allow for easy entry for the person who wants to hide. I also attached a hook for opening the door when going inside.

Now you can put your clothes, cover up the surrounding of the cupboard as I did in the video so as to blend it all together and make it seem all real!

I hope you enjoyed it all, this is my very first instructables so pardon me for being so naive.

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    4 years ago

    That would make a pretty good hiding spot :)