Introduction: What I Cant Teach Yet

hello sorry this ones a little late again things have been really busy lately and i wanted to show you one of the things that has kept me occupied, i recently became a blacksmiths apprentice, so as the title mentions i cant make an actual instructable on this yet because i am just an apprentice, hopfully some day i will be able to do so but in the meantime here are a few of the things i've made

Step 1: The J Hook

the J hook teaches the most basic parts of blacksmithing: squaring, tapering, curling, bending, folding, and twisting, and its one of the only projects you can see all those features in the finished product

Step 2: Fire Steel

made from an old spring this starts out the same way as the J hook, squaring and tapering the stock and then a little bit of curling and bending, the cool part about this one is the heat treating process, you have to harden it to make it spark

Step 3: Spoon

this ones kinda fun, and even though i cant show you how to make it i know someone who can my master showed me one way, i did it that way (don't do that if you want your master to like you) but they both work and i got to put a little twist in it, then we coated it in what we think was linseed oil, but it could have been motor oil or something entirely different.

Step 4: Chain

this ones not to difficult to get the shape, the trick is you have to forge weld it, kinda fun once you get the hang of it the idea is to take the 2 different pieces and turn them into one without cracks so it can have a load bearing

Step 5: The Fork

im still working on this one, it will be a barbecue fork with a decorative rams head on the end of it, hopefully i can show you guys when its done anyway i really need to figure out a cool way to end these things or sign off when im done, guess ill have to think about that

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