Introduction: What Is Canva for Education?

Canva for Education is a graphic design platform that allows users to create graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content with a focus on education and collaboration with others.

Canva is available on the web and mobile devices. Canva has many images, fonts, templates, and illustrations to use for designs.

Step 1: Getting Started With Canva

To get started with Canva you will need to set up an account. Go to to set up your account. You are able to login with your Google or Facebook account or use your email.

Canva can be a free program, but to receive additional perks within the program there is a Canva subscription available for purchase.

EDUCATORS- sign up for the Canva Education Program to receive a free canva subscription.

Step 2: Signing Up for Canva for Education

To sign up for Canva for Education:

* Go to the settings icon in the top right.

* Hover over the word 'pricing' in the top menu bar.

* Click on education.

Step 3: Register for FREE!

Educators should click on 'Register for Free' to begin the application process.

Step 4: Complete the Application Process

Review the steps listed to ensure you meet all of the requirements for Canva for Education.

The approval process could take a couple of weeks- enjoy the free version of Canva until your FREE SUBSCRIPTION is approved.

NOW-- take a look at some of the AMAZING things you can do with Canva.

Step 5: Time to Create a Design

There are many design options in Canva. You can create presentations, infographics, flyers, and much more!

To begin your design, click 'create a design' in the top right corner.

Step 6: Selecting Your Design

When 'creating your design' Canva provides many pre-made presentations. You can also create a new presentation by selecting custom dimensions.

Use the search bar to find options related to your specific subject.

Step 7: Customize Your Template

Once you have selected a design, you can customize your design by using the Side Bar Menu. Click on the template icon to view a variety of templates available for your design.

Step 8: Upload Your Own Images or Videos

Click on the Uploads icon to add your own images or videos to your design.

Step 9: Add Canva Photos

By clicking the photos icon, you can search for a variety of images that are already in Canva. Use the search bar to find images related to your specific content.

Step 10: Add the Elements

Using the Elements icon provides many options to customize your design. You can insert images such as frames, stickers, charts, grids, and many other options to enhance your presentation.

Step 11: Add Text to Your Design

Canva has a wide variety of fonts and premade text icons to add to your design. Just use the text icon to begin your search!

Step 12: Add a Little Music

Enhance Your Design with a little music from Canva. Canva has pre-selected songs to add to your presentation. Just use the music icon to begin your search!

Step 13: Add Videos to Your Canva Project

By selecting the video icon, you can search Canva for the perfect video to add to your creation.

Step 14: Changing Your Background

Use the background icon to find the perfect background for your Canva Presentation.

Step 15: Use Folders and More!

Use the folder and more icons to customize your design. Canva offers a wide variety of images, texts, videos, music, other applications, as well as your own images and videos to customize your designs.

Step 16: Share Your Designs

When you have completed your designs- you can share your presentations with other educators and colleagues.

Step 17: Get Started Today!

Sign up for your Canva for Education account today! Get ready to DESIGN ANYTHING!!