What Is Computer Programming? - Lets Make a Game!

Introduction: What Is Computer Programming? - Lets Make a Game!

Computer programming is actually a very mechanical process, and not that hard to learn. This video explains it in an easy, hands-on, visual way. We go from basic commands to coding a simple game.

Note: This is not the type of thing that can be explained well with just pictures and text. You really need to the video to see everything in motion. However, there is a rule that instructables must have pictures and steps, so I will put in a few, so you get the idea. It would take hundreds of pictures to do real justice to the topic.

Step 1: The Processor

At the heart of every computer is a Processor that does all the work. The processor can be thought of as a person, that is just REALLY fast. In the video, we use Polly Processor to illustrate how the computer follows our instructions.

Step 2: Commands

Commands are just written instructions for Polly to follow. For example, If we say Print or Write "Hello World!", Polly prints it on the screen. In the video, she also, draws graphics, makes decisions, and repeats things multiple times with a Loop command.

Step 3: Variables

Polly stores all her information in Cups, called Variables. The name of the variable is on the outside lable, and the contents are inside. Here she has a variable PRICE that contains $123 and a variable WEATHER that contains Rainbow. In the video, we also talk about Trays of multiple cups, called Arrays.

Step 4: Go!

Here are all the commands we put together, in a Frogger game program, and here we actually play the game.

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