Introduction: How to Download a Minecraft Server

Well what is a server? It's a computer or special computer that runs the server. If it is a normal computer you have to launch the server.

Step 1: Download It

It's easy! First go to then you will see the lates snapshot. Click Read More. Scroll done and you will see

Cross-platform server jar:

Minecraft server jar

Click Minecraft server jar. If your to lazy I will give you a random snapshot


Step 2: Install

First create a new folder and call it whatever. Then paste the jar. Then open it. You will see eula.txt open it then rename you will see eula=false make it be eula=true. Then run the jar again.

Step 3: How Do You Connect to It?

Well you ran your server but you did not connect to it right? well first open cmd or command promt then type ipconfig. You should see IPv4 Address.

Then open multiplayer, click add server and type your IPv4 Address.

Step 4: Free PDF!

Downoad the free PDF today!

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