Introduction: Tulle and Lace Fabric Hair-Flowers

You will need:
Tulle (a thinner, more flexible kind works best)
Fabric (any type or weight will work. I used plain muslin)
Thread to match the lace (I used normal thread, not the super-thick button thread)
Bobby Pins (not shown)

Each flower uses pieces of fabric approximately 3" x 22"

Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

I didn't measure or mark any of my fabric before cutting it, the uneven edges make the flower much prettier. 

Cut a piece of your base fabric that is approximately 3" x 22". You an make it bigger or smaller, depending on the desired flower size. My flowers ended up being about 3" in diameter. 

Cut a piece of lace that's slightly narrower than the base fabric piece. I did this by laying the lace over the piece of fabric I'd already cut, then eyeballing it as I cut. Again, this doesn't have to be perfect.

Cut a piece of tulle that is slightly wider and quite a bit longer than the base fabric piece. I cut this in the same manner I cut the lace.

Repeat for as many flowers as you want to make!

Step 2: Laying Out the Fabric

Lace the lace face down (if it has a right/wrong side. Mine didn't). Then center the base fabric on top. Then add the tulle. The edges won't line up at all. 

Fold everything in half lengthwise and pin. I found it was easiest to pin the center first, then the ends, then add a pin between each. 

Step 3: Sewing

Cut a piece of thread a little longer than your arm span. Thread it through the needle and tie the ends together. Now the needle won's come out, and you're sewing with double thickness of thread. 

Fold one of the edge of overhanging tulle in. Start sewing with a running stitch about 1/8'' above the folded edge. My stitches were about 3/16'' long. They don't need to be at all perfect or even, they won't be visible.

When you get to the other end, keep stitching up the side. Pull the thread and let the edge roll down, making sure it's on the same side as the folded edge on the other end of the project. Gather until the entire edge is puckered. Knot the thread now, but don't cut it off yet. 

Roll the strip, starting with the edge you just rolled. Get it to be the shape you want, then hold it in your hand like shown. Stab your needle the whole way through from different angles until it seems stable. Add additional, smaller stitches to areas that seem loose.

If you just wanted a fabric flower, knot off your thread and you're done! If you want to make a hair flower, keep going. You're almost done!

Step 4: Adding the Bobby Pin

Lay a bobby pin with the wavy side up on the bottom of the flower. Make 6-10 small stitches at the end of the pin and at least two more places along the pin. Once it feels secure, knot off the thread.

Step 5: All Done!

Now you can wear or display your flower pins!

I pinned mine on bias tape for display.

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