Introduction: What You Should Do If Your Cat Is a Grumpy Teenager.

This is an instructable to show you what you should do if you cat is a grumpy teenager. Grumpy teenager cats can be hard so here is what you should do!


A cat

cat toy


love for cats

Step 1: Put Your Cat to Bed

Let your kitty alone for a bit or play with him/her to make your cat tired and go to sleep. When they wake up their probably gonna rest there a bit. And then pet them by starting on there head and then going around their right ear to there cheak. But if your kitty rolls over onto their back pet their belly not rub it but pet it. If they groom themselves let them groom.

Step 2: Play With Your Kitty

    Play with your kitty, cats usually love to play so that means you need a cat toy! But if she wants to play by her/himself buy them a small ball cat toy instead or let her play with a stick one by her/himself.

    Step 3: The Alone Times

    Sometimes your cat will want to be left alone. Just don't pet them and/or play with them. sometimes they will go under things or go in things. Just leave them alone if they run away from you or if there're hiding!

    Step 4: Signs That Your Cat Is a Grumpy Teenager.

    They are 1 years old, they seem to not like you but they actually love you , they're winy, they just sit on something looking cute.