Introduction: What? a Music Player Without Speaker Wires !?

About: As a young kid, my curiosity in electronics was compelling.... why does thunder interrupt the radio reception? ....why does ROBOTs run without any wire?.... and I've been hooked on making thing ever since.

i am wondering about the speakers' wires.....

but how can i remove all the wires and keep rooms

clean and no wire but with fun music.

the other thing is i don't wanna to put the old SD cards

and the old PI ZERO(s) to waste bin .

Step 1: Protype With UNO

Step 2: Shrink It With Nano

Step 3: Finished With Nano

1) write some music into SD-card.

2) power it on and play.

ps : i put SD card break kit and nano back-to-back !

Step 4: Remove the Speaker and Wire

but how?

what you need is to put arduino away.

Step 5: Integrate It and Rebuild It

1) REMOVE ANY THING, besides the old 1GB SD card

2) insert it into a card reader

3) FORMAT this SD card.

4) download the tinyCore OS to your computer.

5) write the tinyCore OS onto it.

6) insert it into the old pi zero.

7) boot it up and set up.

ps : the tinyCore OS will take place less than 65 MB ON SD card.

Step 6: What Does a TinyCore Look Like

What is Tiny Core?
First, if you don't know what Linux and distributions are,

you should read some interesting and

conflicting definitions of Linux.

Then, read about distributions. In short, the Tiny Core

distribution is like a customized version of the Linux kernel and other tools.

download it here:


how to install it (Tiny Core)?

how to install Tiny Core

Step 7: Download Pifm

1) download pifm from GITHUB.

2) use g++ to compile the pifm.c for your zero.

g++ -O3 -o pifm pifm.c

3) then you can put a wire at GPIO4 as an Antenna !

4) receiving music from anywhere without wires including mobile.

ex : sudo ./pifm sound.wav 87.5 22050

then use a RADIO

or cell-phone turnning to 87.5MHz could hear a stereo sound.wav

Step 8: Test Run

ps : the GPIO4 is board.pin7, and the files should be 16 bits in 22K format.

i write many command into a pi0fm.c

and use gcc to compile the pi0fm.c into an executable,

which including ex :

system("sudo ./pi2fm 001.wav 87.5 22050");

system("sudo ./pi2fm 002.wav 87.5 22050");

system("sudo ./pi2fm 003.wav 87.5 22050");

system("sudo ./pi2fm 004.wav 87.5 22050");

system("sudo ./pi2fm 005.wav 87.5 22050");



.... and so on.


Step 9: Done


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