Introduction: Hairspray Frosted Mirror

This is my first try at making an instructable so be forgiving.

     I was online looking for a wall decoration for my new apartment when I saw a mirror with a frosted flower design on it. I loved it but it was $70 plus shipping! Not having $70 to throw away I though maybe I could make it myself. So I looked at the craft store for glass frosting paint/solution and found a small bottle for $30. With the cost of the mirror and the cost of the solution I might as well buy the one I saw online. So I gave up on the idea for a little while.  
     Only a few days later I was getting ready in the bathroom and noticed my hand mirror was a little frosted. It had hairspray crusted on it. OMG inspiration hit me. I could make the frosted mirror with HAIRSPRAY!!!!!

Things you need:
Mirror, hairspray (must be aerosol), vinyl contact paper (the stuff you use to line the inside of drawers and shelves), scissors, a razor blade and cutting board, pencils, ruler, picture you want to use, and a magna-projector (or maybe you are artistically skilled and you can draw it free hand).

Step 1: Buy or Find a Mirror.

I found these mirrors at Target for $19.99. I liked these ones but you can use any size or shape. I found out later that doing a mirror that is one piece would probably have been easier. 

Step 2: Choose a Design.

     I googled "flower silhouette" and after looking through a few pages I settled on this design. This is from some wedding stationary. I did not design this flower and I'm not trying to take credit for it. 
     Try to pick a simple design. Remember the more complicated your design, the more complicated cutting it out and sticking it to the mirror will be. Also, I found that as I placed and re placed the plastic it stretched a little, warping my flower. So don't pick anything with really precise lines. 

Step 3: Prepare the Contact Paper.

     Because I am using a magna-projector to get my design on the paper I needed to draw the shape and size of the mirrors onto the contact paper. Probably a good idea if you are doing it free hand too.
     Make sure you use only PENCIL on the contact paper. Once you spray it with the hairspray any ink will dissolve and leave colored marks on your mirror! It will get all over your hands too, what a mess.

Step 4: Get Your Design on the Paper.

Like I said, I used a magna projector to trace the design on mine. Because I was trying to blow it up so large I could not get the image to focus, so it was just a rough sketch. I sat down and re-did the lines and added a few more details. I colored in the areas that were to be cut out. This helped a lot because it was hard to tell at some points what part to cut out and what part to keep.

Step 5: Cut It Out.

    Kinda self explanatory. I used the scissors and the razor blade and cutting board to cut out my design. Be careful not to cut the wrong area or you have to start from scratch. It is not easy to re-trace with a magna-projector to specific dimensions.

Step 6: Stick It on the Mirror.

This is the hard part. Have you ever tried to put that protective clear plastic over your cell phone screen? You always end up with those stupid bubbles! If you are working with multiple mirrors start with the simplest area first so you can practice, then move to the more difficult areas. The plastic will stretch, and warp so line it up as best you can. I found it easier to cut up the contact paper into small sections ,and place them each one at a time like putting together a puzzle. You can use extra strips of contact paper to cover any spaces or unwanted gaps.

Step 7: Spray!

     Ok this should go without saying but...... do this in a well ventilated area. Unless you like breathing hairspray droplets. I did it on top of a glass table top (that's what she said) that could be cleaned, but you might want to put some newspaper or something down to protect your table or floor.
     Hold the can at least 2 feet above the glass and lightly spray. Don't spray too much at one time because it will all pool together. You want a light fine mist. Allow it to dry, then repeat. I did 6 layers. Be careful not to let big droplets fall on the design, they create large spots.

Step 8: Remove the Contact Paper.

Peel off the contact paper, and you're done! Wipe away any fingerprints with a dry cloth. DO NOT USE CLEANING SPRAY! You will wipe away your new beautiful design. Clean this mirror with a dry cloth only. 

     Hang your mirror(s) in a dry place. The hairspray is not ideal for a steamy bathroom or kitchen. 

     If you ever get tired of your mirror you can wipe it off with cleaning spray and start over, or just be boring with a plain mirror.