Introduction: HexMon (hexahedral Monocopter/motor) by Max Gotts

What is a HexMon? A HexMon (or hexahedral monocopter/motor) is a flying motor-powered drone. However, it is technically not a drone, as it is connected to you on a lead (leash).

What you will need:

  • A sense of humour for when it short-circuits
  • Stable hands
  • 20-20 eyesight (for when it short-circuits)
  • Felt
  • A motor (as strong as you can find that is still light)
  • A needle and thread
  • Wire (steel thread if are sure you won't short-circuit it)
  • A battery and battery holder
  • A rubber band

Step 1: Go!

First, get a piece of thead and put it in the guideline given (see picture). The height of your HexMon is equal to the distance between two furthest points on two adjacent triangles. Essentially, divide the height of the stencil by two and scale the triangles accordingly so that your HexMon is the right size.

Now, sew one triangle onto the other (sew two outside faces together at the edge of the felt), as shown in the second picture.

Step 2: Again!

Now, do the same with the other triangles.

Step 3: Electrodynamics

Circuit everything. Put the battery in the battery holder; link that to the motor; link that back to a button (optional); and then back to the battery.

Now turn the motor-side pocket inside out and stuff it with fluff.

And then sew the motor onto the side of the HexMon or stuff it up inside and poke it out of the point (the latter will only work if the shaft of your motor is long enough).

Step 4: Propelling/tagging Along...

First, sew a length of thread (for a lead/leash) onto the end of he non-motor side of your HexMon.

Turn the leash-side pocket inside out and stuff it.

Now, put the propeller onto the motor.

And you're done!!! Mine worked brilliantly (third image), how about yours? Post it on twitter and send me a link at @maxgotts and I'll check it out.