Introduction: What's Inside? #6: Sony Play-Station! (Taking Apart Electronic Devices)

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I just found a PS2 (Play Station 2) on my way home from school!

Let's take it apart!

This will be a pretty short "What's Inside" episode, Not like my last one " What's Inside? #5: 1250W LG Microwave?", Which has 15 steps...

Step 1: Circuit Boards

Both sides of the main circuit board, Isn't this amazing?

And yes, This was made in the year 2000!

Step 2: Motors!

You might recognize these motors if you've ever taken apart a CD/DISK reader...

Step 3: More PCB's +The Cutest Electrolytic Capacitor Ever!

Isn't this the cutest electrolytic capacitor ever? I don't see anything that really interesting except for this fat little capacitor :) !

Step 4: Cooling It Off- Heat-Sinks, a Fan, and Thermal Conducting Pads

The heat-sinks look pretty cool, I will keep them but I'm not sure if I will be able to use it because of their weird shape...

I don't know what voltage the fan needs because the it's not written anywhere on the fan...

The thermal conducting pads feel and look (in my opinion) like really high quality material, Which I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be surprised because Play-Stations are supposed to be built pretty well, Aren't they?

Step 5: Extremely Powerful Neodymium Magnets

I had to put them this far apart on my hand while taking the picture so they wouldn't stick together

These is the same kind of magnet that I used for one of my other projects " The Ultimate Magnetic Pegboard!",

They are shown in picture 2 of step 7.

Step 6: Laser+Camera Module

It was almost impossible to take a good picture of this, Inside of this tiny part, there is a laser and a camera.

Step 7: Two Connectors and a Switch

An HP connector (The black one), Another random connector (White), And a switch.

Step 8: Thank You for Watching!

Thank You for watching and I hope you enjoyed this "What's Inside" Instructable!

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