Introduction: What's Inside? #8: Enormous LG Desktop Computer

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Looks like I haven't made a "What's Inside" Instructable for a pretty long time.

Well, Things are about to change with this ENORMOUS desktop computer!

The computer you see in the picture was given to me by a friend who's parents recently upgraded to a better one (Well, duhh :]) I looked everywhere on the computer and there wasn't anything written about the company of this computer or anything else. The only thing I know it that the CD/DISK-ROM/Drive is made by LG.

As Instructables member Crickle321 commented on one of my previous "What's Inside?"*:

"I'm glad you took apart yours so I don't end up taking mine apart." - This should probably work well here too!

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*It was on "What's Inside? #6: Sony Play-Station"

Step 1: Hard-Drive

This is a 60GB - 7,200 RPM HDD, This doesn't really matter because it will be taken apart, I believe I have an 'Ible coming up on that soon.

Step 2: Coolers: Heat-Sinks & Fans

I also salvaged a CPU+Fan Heat-Sink, These can dissipate a lot of heat, I might use it for a future project

The other fan just helped circulate the air that was inside the computer: Blowing the hot air out, And replacing it with colder air (Room Temp)

There was also a small heat-sink on one of the IC's that were on the motherboard

Step 3: ATX Power Supply & ROMs

There was also an awesome ATX Power Supply: It can deliver 16 Amps at 12V! There are many other voltages (Picture #2), But I will probably use this as a regular 12V power supply for projects that need a lot of current

There were also two CD/DISK ROM's that I took apart, I've seen projects that people have turned these into 3D Printers, But I don't think that these motors in these are strong enough...

Step 4: Metal Plates/Board

I don't really know what to call these, But these are part of the outside of the computer

The one on the right in the first picture was in my plans of making SpectrumLED, I wanted to glue* the LED's to the plate, And then glue heat-sinks to the plate to help dissipate the heat, But I decided to use a Heat-Sink that I salvaged from a Stereo Player. I thought it would be better for several different reasons.

*With thermal adhesive

Step 5: Cool PCB's

I keep the PCB's that I think look pretty cool, I am thinking of showing what I do with them in a future Instructable

This also includes CPU's and more

Step 6: Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this "What's Inside" Instructable!

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