Introduction: Wheatgrass Juice + Alove Vera

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I love to see wheatgrass in the house (how to plant wheatgrass).

Yesterday, I made wheatgrass juice.

It's a healthy juice!

Step 1: All of You Need

600ml Water

3 tablespoons sugar (or honey)

Aloe Vera

(soaked) Basil Seeds

Step 2: Cut

Cut the wheatgrass

Step 3: Wash

Indoor is doesn't mean clean. So you have to wash the wheatgrass

Step 4: Put

Put the sugar, water, and wheatgrass into the blender.

Don't forget to cut your wheatgrass to the smaller size.

Step 5: Blend It!

Okay, let's wait!

Step 6: Filter

Filter your juice. Separate the dregs from the juice.

Step 7: LAST ONE!

Put the aloe vera (how to) and the basil seeds into the glass.

Turn off your blender and pour the juice into the glass.

Ding-dong! Your Wheatgrass Juice + Alove Vera is ready to drink!

Step 8: FINISH

Thank you for looking my work.
Hope you'll make it better.

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