Introduction: Wheel Paddle Boat

When I was a child, i had a chance on a wheel paddle boat in a cruise trip. That was amazing. I was impressed by structure as well as beauty of that boat. Therefor, my project today is wheel paddle boat. I tried to make it as simple as i can. Now, let's get started.


1 x foam block

1 x motor gear

2 x coca cans

1 X metal stick

Hot glue



9v battery

To make all step easy i also make an instruct video. If you like, subscribe my youtube channel for more interesting project ahead.

Having any questions or comment please leave it in the below comment box.

Step 1: Make the Boat

Use the block foam to make the body of the boat. If this is your first DIY boat, i suggest you should outline boat shape on the foam. Then use knife to cut out all left parts. Now you have a raw shape. Use sandpaper to make boat surface smooth.

Step 2: Making Motor and Battery Slots

Draw to rectangles on boat, one for battery the other for motor.

Step 3: Make Wheel Paddle

Cut 1/3 of coca cans. Then divide each can into 4 parts. Use scissor to cut the cans as demonstrated in above GIFs.

Drill a hole on paddle wheel

Step 4: Assemble

Now, Stick motor and battery to the boat

Stick metal sticks to the motor arms

Stick the wheel to the sticks

Now you boat is ready to a cruise trip.

Have fun and if you have any questions or comment please leave it in the below comment box.

Thank you!

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