Introduction: Wheel Street Lamp

This is an urban style lamp that you can create with interesting things you can find on the streets.

Step 1: Bike Wheel Spine

Find a bike wheel that's been detached from a bike. To prepare the wheel for the lamp first:

Remove the rubber tire and anything else you don't want to be seen in the final lamp.


Un-screw and start removing the spokes until you can remove the insides of the bike wheel.


Use a hack saw to cut out the section of the wheel you'd like to use for the lamp. Half to 3/4 is a good size.


Cut a section of the inside of the wheel between some of the spoke holes, in the place where you'd like to attached the stand of the lamp.

Step 2: Wood Stand

Find some scrap wood of the weight and size of your choosing. To prepare the wood stand for your lamp first:

Cut the shape of wood you'd like to use as your stand. I created an upside down V-shape.


Cut and shape a small piece of wood that can fit into your bike wheel and slide it into the place where you'll attach the stand.


Screw your stand to the piece of wood in the bike wheel so that the stand is stable.

Step 3: Lamp Shade - Structure

Use more of the scrap wood you collected for the stand to create the structure of your lampshade. To create the structure you'll first:

Cut and glue a circle that will fit around your existing bulb socket.


Add any other supporting pieces necessary to the structure of the lamp shade.

Step 4: Lamp Shade - Shade

To create the shade of your lamp you'll need to spend some time collecting stickers in your neighborhood. People often place them the backs of street signs or on parking meters. You can use a piece of fabric or paper to figure out how many stickers you'll need. To prepare you lamp shade you'll first:

Cut a piece of plastic bag that is the size of your lamp shade.


Cover the plastic section with the stickers you collected.


Iron the sheet between to a layer of paper on a low heat or until the sticker's have bonded with the plastic.


Shape and glue the sticker sheet around the structure of your lamp shade.

Step 5: Construct Lamp

To put together the final lamp have the lamp and the spine structure. string the cord down the spine of the lamp to the desired length. Use glue or zip ties to attach the cord to the spine.

The lamp is now complete!