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Introduction: Wheel Toy

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The wheel toy is made of waste cups, PVC pipes and powered by rubber bands. As you will wind the stick at the right end of the toy and launch it, the teddy wheels will start moving on its path!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

Couple of plastic cups with the base diameter of almost 4 - 5 cm

A PVC pipe of length approximately 8 - 10 cm

Candle stick

Lean stick of about 15 cm length

Two sheets of magazine paper

40 cm of aluminium wire

Thick thread

A small sized teddy bear approximately of height 4 - 5 cm

Step 2: Prepare Wheels & Axle

Cut the base of the cups, leaving a base width of 1 cm to make it the tyres for the toy

Make a hole at the center of the cup bases, with the help of a nail. Nail can be heated up to make it simpler

Cut the PVC pipe to the required length and make the ends smoother and even with salt paper. This makes the axle of the toy

Use spray paints to make it colorful

Use a strong glue to stick the cup bases and the axle together. Make sure to stick the PVC pipe at the center of the cup bases

Cut 1.5 cm from the candle stick, with the help of a heated nail, put a hole at the center of it. This wax piece helps as a lubricant while winding the stick and to hold the teddy's steering bar

Step 3: Inserting the Rubber Band

Use package rubber bands that has high elasticity and can retain the shape when released from the highest stretch.

If the length of the band is more than 4 cm then fold it twice or thrice to have the length less than our wheel and axle length

Bend a 20 cm aluminium wire and have the rubber band in it. It will make the process easier

Insert the aluminium wire as shown in the figure

Lock with a small stick at one end and glue the stick with the cup base

At the other end insert the wax piece and lock with the long stick

Step 4: Steering Bars for Teddy Bear

Wind the magazine paper as tight as possible and glue it at the ends. Make 2 such sticks and insert into one another with the glue

Use spray paint to make it colorful

Insert the aluminium wire inside the paper stick and bend the stick at the two sides leaving the center width of one cm more than the overall length of the wheel and axle structure

Make it a small hook at one end and leave a 3 cm wire at the other end

At the small hook side, tie a thick thread. put multiple knots repeatedly at the other end of the thread. The overall length of the thread should be 1 - 2 cm. Insert the knotted side of the thread in to the cup base

The other side of the stick, roll the wire over the wax

Make sure the sticks are not touching the wheels

Please refer pictures for reference

Step 5: Hook the Teddy

Bend the aluminium wire over the teddy and hook it with the stick

Now the Wheel Toy is ready

Step 6: Running the Wheel Toy

Wind the stick till you feel the tense of the rubber band and place it on the floor

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