Wheelchair Mobile

Introduction: Wheelchair Mobile

About: A charity that builds custom equipment to help people with disabilities.

This project was to build a toy mobile for use on an electric wheelchair.

The aim was to be able to hang a few soft toys in front of a young child.

The final product worked, but was possibly a bit over complicated. In retrospect I am not sure I would build this the same way if I did it again.

This instructable has been written by a member of the KW Remap panel.

Step 1: Parts

The main parts of the mobile were flexible coolant pipe and some 3D prints.

Additional items required were; wire for stiffening, heat shrink, dual lock, cable ties and some small carabiners.

The 3D printed parts included a central piece to hang toys off, and two side mounting plates.

Attachment to the wheel chair was made easier in this case, as the wheel chair had a small table to which side walls had already been added. To attach the mobile "Dual Lock" was used (Dual Lock is like super strong Velcro).

I used Rigid ink PLA for the 3D prints, .stl files provided.

Step 2: Coolant Pipe

The flexible coolant pipe had to be stiffened with some thick copper wire fed through the middle.

Step 3: Assembly

Cable ties were used to attach the pipe to the 3D prints, then heat shrink was put over the top to make sure there were no sharp edges.

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