Introduction: DIY Wheelchair Power Assist E-Trike Under $200!

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My son couldn't keep up with other kids outside in his wheelchair. This mod turned his wheelchair into a hotrod! Now he can be included and play like the other kids on their bikes and scooters. This kind of freedom means everything to a disabled kid.

Power assist for a wheelchair costs over $2500. Big expense for Families in that situation. This modification can be done for under $200.

Step 1: Assembly

Parts needed

  1. Razor Power Rider 360
  2. U-bolt clamp
  3. Truss clamp (measure the axel diameter to buy the right size truss clamp) This one works for 1-1/4 to 1-3/8 axel. Replace through bolt with longer bolt to go through the Razor tube.


Attach a truss clamp to the axel exactly in the center. Good idea to use electric tape to protect the finish on the axel. The bolt on the truss clamp needs to be long enough to go through the main powerrider tube.

Loosely attach the U-Bolt to the main power rider tube with the bolt ends facing upwards. Move the pipe clamp up and down the main powerrider tube so that the clamp contacts the crossbar on the wheelchair just enough to lift the front wheels off the ground a inch or so and tighten. I recommend also splitting a piece of PVC pipe in half with two holes to go over the bolt ends so the crossbar rests on the pvc instead of the metal to protect the coating on the crossbar. The wheelchair i put it on is a Panthera but this should work with most similar chairs with slight modification.
In the future i plan to add a larger Li-ion battery pack and speed control.

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