Introduction: Wheels Antitheft System Cheap

One of the common problems is the theft of tires, but there are many systems to prevent them only that they are expensive I have created a cheap and portable system with some inconveniences that can be solved but the tranquility of not stealing the tires is a lot.

These mats we put them under the wheels stepping on them so that they always detect the presence of the wheel if you get to tire the wheel stops feeling in which case the siren will activate and the thief will not know what to do since the sound is very sharp This will stop him for a moment and draw the attention so that the thief ceases to insist

Step 1: Material and Tools


  • cardboard (recycle)
  • cable i use the cable coaxial(recycle)
  • aluminum foil
  • foam craft sheet
  • Safety Door Alarms


  • Safety glass
  • Scissors
  • Cutter knife
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Soldering
  • IronSolder an flux
  • Wired cutter
  • Dust mask

Step 2: Construction

Observing the diagram shows how the carton is cut with the dimensions already thickened in the diagram after we place the foil of aluminum glued with silicon we placed strips of foam separated to 1 inch to create a separation between the aluminum finally we put the cable this should Stuck inside the aluminum since it can not be soldered we must make it always have contact we can use clips for each of the tips and making contact remember the aluminum is not tinuo on the sheet is separated in the middle to achieve a Switch effect.

Repeat three more times for each of the tires and then connect them in series to if any tire stops being in contact the sensor activates the siren avoiding theft

You can use Con-Tact Brand Clear Covering Self-Adhesive Privacy Film and Liner to protect it from the rain since it is carton in this case I do not use it since I live in a desert area

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