Introduction: When in Mosquito Bite, Use THIS PRODUCT! :)

The summer is near, you are traveling all around and it's like hot... you go outside, start drinking a cocktail "Sex on the beach", and you hear a buzzing sound! Aaaaa start screaming it is a mosquito, and it just bitten you! It isn't that dangerous but very irritating feeling, some can stand it but, like me, to other it is a pain in the *********.

There are some first aid tips, from our granny's, like using soap, or pretty much expensive products, that are filled with allergens, but don't do much.
All YOU need is a very EFFECTIVE, CHEAP, EASY TO MADE, ALL NATURAL tonic, made from stuff you all have at home.
It is more then just a anti-itch tonic:
used with special powder *instructions are here too it is an fantastic exfoliant, and a fantastic ANTI AGE product, that makes your skin ever better!

Step 1: Things You Need for the Tonic

Ok lets start, you need:
*for one small bottle like on pic
half of a lemon
two pinches of mint *follium* use in need from tea bags
some citric acid, it isn't essential, but you can add some more
glycerin, it makes skin moist, can be found in pharmacy
filter paper *the one you use for coffee
some glasses i used ones for tequila
lemon squeezer
some spoons etc...

Step 2: Preparation and Effects

Mix all the stuff in lemon juice, add mint, and let it soak for some time, then filtrate, and fill the bottle.

lemon juice is a good antiseptic, and has analgesic properties, so it works as a good antipruritic
mint is cooling, and it is a mild sedative, if used combined with Mellisa officinalis, it will serve as an insect repellent.
We used glycerin for skin moistening, and rejuvenation.
The whole tonic is a chemical peel, and combined with powder is a mechanical peel too!
SO DON"T USE TOO MUCH, IF YOU SEE YOUR SKIN GETTING TOO DRY, use a lotion! It is good in any case to use a lotion :D
if you have citric acid intolerance don't use! it is rare, but still try on a little part of skin and watch is there any reddening.

Step 3: White Powder

The powder is used with tonic.
My dear old granny knows that baking powder made as a paste is put on inset bites, IT IS GREAT FOR BEE ATTACKS!! it has mild basic character, and since the bee bite is acidic it neutralizes it.
here we add some chamomile powder *it is crushed* for its anti irritating qualities
and some talc, it has a lot of good things and stops sweating and odor
and just a little of vitamins :D i used a B complex half of a tablet crushed, but you can also add panthenol to the tonic, it is all good for skin
and very little salt

Step 4: How to Use

If you made the tonic and the powder
put a pinch of powder on the bite, and add tonic, it makes foam :)
massage, and rub, after some time (5 minutes MAX) go wash it
just tonic
it isn't much hard, apply the liquid to the bite and rub it in use more, but not too much
you don't have to wash this

sooo good luck enjoying the sun, and the summer :D

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