Introduction: Where in the World Is My Money? (Hidden Storage)

About: Currently enrolled in Missouri Science and Technology, I am a beginner builder and tinker. I strive to use reclaimed or reused materials in all my projects.

It can be hard to find good hidign places in a college dorm or any room with limited space. And to that perdicametn I have the solution. Introducing the amazing revolutionary...

Step 1: Project and Materials

...Hanger Cubby. Yes, store all important documents, gift cards, and cold hard cash secretly in front of your friends eyes with this hidden storage. It simply takes the place of the existing hanger with no discernible characteristics. You, and only you, will know it's there.

You will need:

  • 16" x 14" Cardboard Slates X 4
  • Glue
  • Knife/Box Cutter
  • Zip Ties X 3

Step 2: Prep. Work

First, choose which of your cardboard slates will be the front and back of your storage. Set these two slates aside for later.

Then, take the two remain slates and cut out 14" X 12" section in the middle of each, leaving a one inch border and a two inch top. These are the middle pieces of the storage.

Next, take the designated front slate and cut a flap into it. The flap will be 7" X 12". The flap should be made from two inches down from the top, as to line up with the middle sections. Make sure one side of the cut out is still attached to the main body. Fold the flap over towards the face of the cubby and make a crisp fold for easy movement.

Step 3: Gluing

Gluing the pieces together is straightforward. I used wood glue for this step as it has a tremendous paper-paper adhesion, though regular craft/white glue would work as well.

Begin with the back, glue one middle piece to the back; pay attention to make sure all of the edges line up exact.

Then, glue the second middle piece to the first; paying attention to the edges and making sure that the two inch top borders match.

When gluing the front, apply glue to the glued middle sections and then press the front into the glue, flap side out. Again paying attention to the sides and ensuring that the two inch to aligns with the middle two inch top.

Let dry and continue.

Step 4: Finishing and Zip Ties

To begin, use the duck tape to strength the edges and give the storage a finished look.

To assist in opening and closing, a small piece of duck tape can be made into a pull for the flap. Begin by taping one side of the duck tape to the top center of the flap. Then fold the tape directly over and tapping to the opposite side of the flap, creating a loop. Finally, press the two sides of the tape loop together.

Then to finish, use the knife/box cutter again and poke holes in the top edge of the storage (I personally used a screwdriver for this step to get nice uniform circular holes, but a knife/box cutter will work). Insert the zip ties into these holes and attach the storage to your hanger.

Step 5: Hiding Your Storage

To hide, simply take one of your favorite shirts, insert the storage hanger in the place of the regular one and hang up your shirt. It is now completely invisible in plain sight!

Only will know where your hidden cubby is. That's right, no one else will... wait a minute. Where did I put that thing? Where in the world is my money?

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